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Botswanans Named The World’s Most Beautiful People

Botswanans have been adjudged the World’s Most Beautiful People by the People Magazine based in the United States.

People Magazine has been awarding celebrities for decades now and have launched its maiden “World’s Most Beautiful People” which has seen Botswanans winning.

According to the programs director of People Magazine, any country that wins would be awarded in a special way. “We are going to hold a special beauty contest for Botswanans to select the most beautiful among them. Prizes would be announced soon” – Steve Lauren, programs director said.

Steve added that, instead of few people being awarded, over 100s of Botswanans would be awarded with handsome prizes for emerging as the “Most Beautiful People in the World”.

“We are also going to stage a free concert for Botswanans with Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Top local musicians like Bobi Wine, Jose and others  would also be billed to entertain the people of Botswana for free.” – Steve concluded.

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