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BREAKING: Jose Mourinho Gets an Ultimatum Deadline

The New and controversial manager of Manchester United has been hit with an ultimatum. The report from the high end table discussion of the Board of Directors and the supporters suggest Mourinho will be sacked if he loses two more matches.

It comes in the wake of losing to the Arch rivals of Manchester United. Manchester United were outplayed and had no hold on the game as the entire pace was dictated by the Pep Guardiola boys. They were favourites in every sense and this has really gone to the hearts and minds of the United fraternity who thinks the expenditure during the buying window should reflect their scores.

Mourinho criticised his players after the match saying they were just playing like girls who have never dated a real man.  Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward denied the allegation of an ultimatum but hinted that Manchester United is built on winning and a winless season is uncalled for.

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