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BREAKING NEWS: Zulu King Cancels The Payment of ‘Lobola’

The King of the Zulu in South Africa Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu has announced the end of the payment of “Lobolo” or “Lobola” among the Zulus during marriage.

“Lobola” is the name given to the pride price paid to families of prospective wives. This price which was previously paid in large numbers of Cattle has now moved to huge sums of monies converted from the cost of cattles that could have been provided.

According to the king, most ladies today have children but not married due to the fact that their prospective husbands could not afford the payment of these pride prices.

He further added that, al traditions relating to marriage celebrations are still in place in exception of the payment of “Lobola”.

“From now onwards, I’ll be the only one entitled to pay Lobola. No one is paying any longer apart from me.” – the King exclaimed.

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