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Duterte fan in UK holds naming ceremony and names Puppies after Liberal Party executives

LONDON – A Filipino living in Brixton, London in the United Kingdom has held a big naming ceremony for his puppies.

The party is said to have been attended by big names in the Filipino politics with the Philippines Ambassador to the UK Evan P. Garcia present.

What caught the media’s attention are the names given to the Puppies by the owner Andrews. Andrews chose to call his four new puppies by high profile names in the opposition Liberal Party.

Andrews decorated the puppies with the colours of the Liberal party; yellow, red and blue and had a photo shoot for them after the naming ceremony.

He named them after the Joseph Emilio Abaya, Leni Robredo, Josephine Sato and Muel Roxas who are the President, Chairman, Secretary-General and Founder of the party respectively.

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