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“I’m not dead” – Actor Alan Thicke debunks death rumors

LOS ANGELES – Actor Alan Thicke has debunked rumors that spread quickly on social media and various giant news platforms that he has passed on.

The actor tweeted that: “I’m not dead”.

Alan Thicke is said to have been rushed to the hospital in a critical condition and news on his ‘death’ broke out after some friends were denied to visit him at the hospital.

According to a source close to the family, the actor ordered the health facilities not to admit any visitors even including immediate family members.

“He is very well now and may be discharged today” – Anne, a cousin to Thicke said.

Many people fell for the hoax as his colleague from Hollywood took turns to pay tribute to him.

Alan Thicke’s 1980s TV dad credentials were neatly in order on “Growing Pains.” His Dr. Jason Seaver was an open-hearted parent and an enlightened husband, working from home to help tend the kids while his wife revived her career.

But Thicke’s character anchored a sitcom that was also 1950s-retro, part of television’s renewed embrace of the traditional nuclear family after a string of single-parent shows. “Growing Pains” debuted in 1985, one year after “The Cosby Show” showed the old formula could be made new.

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