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Kenya to host 2020 Olympics games as Japan Faces Bribery Allegations

The International Olympic Committee has said that the 2020 Olympic bid that was won by Tokyo to host the 2020 Games has been transferred to Kenya after a French criminal investigation concluded that the Japanese made illegal payments to the company at the centre of the athletics corruption scandal.

The Kenya Olympic Committee has already accepted the offer and expressed its readiness to host the Olympics in 2010.

On Sunday while the Olympics were ongoing in Rio de Janeiro, the French financial prosecutor confirmed that there were two payments from a Japanese bank account called ‘Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game Bid’ to the Singapore-based Black Tidings company already suspected by French financial investigators of laundering money extorted from drug cheats in athletics.

The reports concluded that Japan truly paid their way through.

The Parquet National Financial, the French financial prosecutor, has released the exact details of the evidence they have acquired as part of their wider investigation into the corruption scandal in athletics.

Various top officials of the IOC have congratulated and thanked Kenya for accepting to host the games in 2020 and it has not yet been communicated to the media why it was not given to the United Kingdom as they placed second in the race to host the Olympics in 2020. It is believed that sending to Africa is a response to calls to have the games staged in Africa.

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