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Mugabe: Zuma Appeared In My Dream Last Night

The President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has said he saw his colleague the President of South Africa in his dreams and would love to narrate to the media.

“I saw my good friend Zuma in my dreams and to me I don’t lile it but I don’t know how he feels about it though. May be it is something he had already planned.” – Mugabe started.
Mugabe narrated that he saw Zuma sending him a wedding invitation for his 5th spouse. “He sent me an invitation to attend the wedding of his 5th spouse. I checked the invitation and he was getting married to a man. The wedding came on of course in the dreams but I could not attend” – Mugabe narrated.

If Mugabe’s dream is to come true, Jacob Zuma would be having a male as his 5th “wife”

Calls through to the president to find out if he had planned having a male spouse have not suceeded.

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