Osea Kolinisau receives US$12 million from UN as Global Climate Change ambassador

The Fiji national rugby sevens team captain, Osea Kolinisau, has received US$12 million from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a global ambassador to campaign on Climate Change worldwide.

According to the organization, Osea Kolinisau’s appointment as an ambassador to combat climate change would yield positively due to his influence in the Rugby Union.

The captain, who led the Fiji sevens team in Rio Olympics to win gold, was announced and honored during the Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany.

Fiji’s Prime Minister expressed gratitude on behalf of all Fijians and also went ahead to issue a coded warning to Donald Trump about the dangers of climate change.

The US leader is due to decide on future US participation in the Paris climate agreement after next week’s G7 meeting in Italy.

But Frank Bainimarama told delegates here that whether you lived in Miami or New York, you wouldn’t be able to escape the rising seas.

Fiji will lead the next key UN climate talks later this year.

This normally low-profile May meeting of UN delegates has been overshadowed to an extent by the ongoing question of future US involvement in the Paris accord.

Fiji’s Prime Minister outlined his vision for future climate talks at this meeting in Bonn PHOTO: BBC

While not addressing Mr Trump or the US directly, Mr Bainimarama told the negotiators that he would bring his own experience as a Pacific islander to his role as head of the Conference of Parties.

“We who are most vulnerable must be heard, whether we come from the Pacific or other Small Island Developing States, other low-lying nations and states or threatened cities in the developed world like Miami, New York, Venice or Rotterdam,” he told negotiators.

“But together we must speak out for the whole world – every global citizen – because no-one, no matter who they are or where they live, will ultimately escape the impact of climate change.”

Other members of the Fijian team hoped that the US would be able to stay in the climate “family”, but that progress would be made with or without the Americans.

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